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18 Miles

Daan Nieboer - Vocals
Thijs Gombert - Bass
Mick Wagemaker - Guitars
Jelmer Groenland- Guitars
Justin van Bergen - Drums

18 MILES is a young and refreshing hardcore / metalcore formation rising from the Netherlands with a distinctive sound and character.
When the band was formed in 2010, the band members lived in the smaller towns Uitgeest and Heerhugowaard. For this reason their band name was born. The distance between the separate members was 18 miles.

Earlier releases
In 2011 the band released their first EP called ‘Lessons’. Lyrically the common thread on this EP was about life lessons, which has been the reason for the records title. The band fully produced and released this EP on their own. Because the band decided Lessons to be available as a free download, it spread quickly over social media. The EP got picked up well by the Dutch audience.

Present day
November 2012 18 MILES released their first music video for their single 'Pushing Forward' in co-operation with No Sweat Productions.
At this moment 18 MILES has just released their first full length called ‘Darker Times’. Darker Times is again fully produced by vocalist Daan Nieboer. This album came along with the second music video for the song ‘Die Strong’.

For lovers of Stick To Your Guns, Thick As Blood en The Ghost Inside

Official link:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/18MILES