Friday 18 & Saturday 19 september 2015


Merksplas is a small village located in the north of Belgium, close to the Dutch border. It has about 8,000 inhabitants and is known for it's very large prison. The festival itself takes place inside Jeugdhuis Zigzag and in a tent next to it.

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't Hofeind
2330 Merksplas

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Some kids from youthclub Zigzag decided it was time to revive the old youthclub festival and so they did. 10 years later some of the original organisers remain, others have been replaced by new zigzagmembers. Ziggypop has been fully organised solely by volunteers and we plan to keep it this way. We have a special team for Ziggypop called the ZiggypopWerkgroep.

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Ziggypop is an alternative 2-day musicfestival organised by JH Zigzag that wants to give underground Dj's and Bands a chance to show their skills. We take pride in having belgian as well as foreign acts on our lineup each year. Friday we usually have Dj's (electro, dubstep, drum & bass, hardcore, techno...) and on Saturday we have Bands (hardcore, metal, rock, punk...).

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  • 90’s: Ziggypop takes place a couple of times, but after some setbacks the ZiggypopWerkgroep decides to quit.

  • 2003: The first "new" ziggypop is organized. On Friday Lady Vortex was headlining and on Saturday the Belgian punkrockband, The Paranoiacs. This edition turns out to be a succes.

  • 2004: We take the same concept as the year before, again a very successful edition but lots of rain.

  • 2005: This is the first edition with 2 stages on Saturday, but again lots of rain and very few people show up.

  • 2006: We keep the concept of Friday unchanged, but we decide to book more underground bands on Saturday. Saturday becomes a hardcore/metal day which turns out to be successful.

  • 2007: Again a very decent edition with very few problems.

  • 2008: Friday is a massive success! And we have 6 foreign bands on saturday.

  • 2009: We had to decide wether to go for a new location or not. Our love for our youthclub makes us decide to stay at our current location. Also some bad luck, our headliner cancells but we are able to find a worthy replacement.

  • 2010: An international TopDj on friday, Cookie Monsta. Still two stages on Saturday, best edition untill now! Also we introduce a second stage on saturday.

  • 2011: Again a UK Dj on friday. No Turning Back headlining on Saturday, too bad: a lot of cancells again.

  • 2012: Ziggypop gets a recordnumber visitors. We decide to place the tent in the garden of the youthclub to make the festival even more cosy.

  • 2013: A Quite but fun friday and a very busy saturday!

  • 2014: Both days were very crowded, our best editions this far.

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*Ziggypop 2014: Pay No Respect (uk), Warbrain (aus), Enough Said (release show), Angelskin, Lasting Traces (de), The Priceduifkes, Lock & Key (uk), Up River (uk), Call it Off (nl), Client. (de), Set Things Right, Blind Beliefs, Giver (de), Lotus, Think Ahead, Walls of Sorrow, Royce, Draw The Line

*Ziggypop 2013: Close Your Eyes (us), Empires Fade (uk), Desolated (uk), Cornered (nl), Empty Handed (de), To Kill Achilles (sco), Showyourteeth (aut), No Second Chance (uk), Fatal Move, 18 Miles (nl), The Homeless, Here Lies A Warning (sco), Sounds Like Deceit, Different Stories, My Love Your Lust, Think Ahead, Last Thoughts

*Ziggypop 2012: Brutality Will Prevail(uk), The Setup, Heights(uk), Accept The Change(Last show), Midnight Souls, BEAR, Red Square Scenario(aut), Angelskin, Strike With Vengeance, Wasted Bullet(nl), All We Have(uk), Get Wise, Fatal Move, Rebuild, Across The Ocean, The Zygoma Disposal, Blind Beliefs, Lotus

*Ziggypop 2011: No Turning Back (nl), The Secret (ita), Admiral's Arms (fr), Pushed Too Far, Anchor (swe), State of Mind (nl), Wasted Bullet (nl), As Enemies Arise (nl), Perceptions, The Inequity, One Ethic, Daggers, rain, Overlord, Ressurection, These Mountains Are Ghosts, Animal Version, De Halve Perziken op Zware Siroop

*Ziggypop 2010: Rise & Fall, Length of Time, Ritual(de), Midnight Souls, Hang The Bastard(uk), Santa Karla(uk), This is Colour(uk), Millions of Them, Allocation, As Enemies Arise(nl), Haribo Macht Kinder Froh(nl), Fields on Fire(nl), Angelskin, Worms Feed, Gasoline DC, Deadender, Sequioa Shade, Countdown

*Ziggypop 2009: The Setup, This is Colour(uk), Morpain(fr), As They Burn(fr), Still Screaming(de), Seven Year Kismet(uk), Your Demise(uk), For My Enemies, OnexEthic, Angelskin, Eyes of The Plague

*Ziggypop 2008: Born From Pain(nl), Salt The Wound(us), The Bridal Procession(fr), Make it Count(de), Pulling Teeth(us), Trail of Hope, Poison My Blood, Forget To Forgive(nl), It Breeds No More, Once Godlike, By All Means

*Ziggypop 2007: Neaera(de), Rise & Fall, Rafflesia, Morda, Avenues & Silhouettes(esp), No Recess, Tyran, Bourbon For Roses

*Ziggypop 2006: Fall of Serenity(de), The Setup, The Maple Room, Sparkle of Hope, Point of View, Death before Disco

*Ziggypop 2005: Cornflames, Staircase, The Sedan Vault, Confuse The Cat, addActionListener(this), Assis, One Tender Hero, Hitch, Believo!, Gasoline DC

*Ziggypop 2004: I Against I(nl), Leech, Bambix(nl), Tripoli, Close Call, The Thunder Heartmachine, The Red Car

*Ziggypop 2003: The Paranoiacs, Asimov, Twisted Flakes, Since the Beginning, Spaceman Spiff

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*Ziggypop 2014: Athys & Duster, M&T, Basshacker, Semla, Matthew, Mongk, HCV Soundsystem

*Ziggypop 2013: King Curtis, RP Bastards, Beatbouncers, RVNHF, Brett & Matt, Matthew

*Ziggypop 2012: Dj Guv(uk), Gunman & Judah, Semla, Grilla btb Groovestruck, Link, Touchdown

*Ziggypop 2011: Twisted Individual(uk), Meddik, Matthew, Mongk, Ruvis, Touchdown

*Ziggypop 2010: Cookie Monsta(uk), Kastor & Dice, Science, Flapjack, Matthew, MC Elvee

*Ziggypop 2009: Peaky Pounder(nl), Jamie Dill, Replicator

*Ziggypop 2008: Sandy Warez, Manu Kenton(fr), Replicator, Tekton

*Ziggypop: Maxim Lany, Smos & Baby B, Brett Anderson, Ape, Gazz, Bor, Lady Vortex, Ki'lin, Overdose, Redhead, Sigi

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